Legal Bit

Summary Terms and Conditions for users of The Lena Anderton Meeting Room, 

31, Scott Street, Keighley, BD21 2JH

  • The main doors must be locked (using the top Yale latch) once your meeting has started. If sight airedale suffers any loss or damage as a result of the entrance doors not being locked. The organiser will be held responsible
  • It is the organiser responsibility to ensure that they and their users are aware of the fire evacuation procedure
  • The building and surrounding sight airedale land is a no smoking area
  • Heating must be adjusted using the room thermostat, please do not touch the valves on the radiators
  • All doors and windows must be shut and locked before leaving the premises
  • All electrical appliances must be switched off when you leave
  • Toilets must be left clean (flushed) and tidy. Clinical waste (no sharps) must be disposed of in the blue bags provided
  • There is no caretaker. The room must be left clean and tidy. The tables must be returned to their original position if rearranged. There are no storage facilities in the Meeting Room or the kitchen area
  • A First Aid Kit and incident book is located in a wall kitchen cupboard
  • Lost property must be handed into the Registered Office for claiming. Lost property will be kept for six months and then be disposed of
  • No unauthorised visitors are allowed access to the premises. Unauthorised visitors must be directed to the Registered Office
  • Please leave refuse tied securely in bags and placed by the back stairs accessed through the kitchen
  • Breakages of crockery must be reported to the Registered Office
  • No alcohol is allowed in the Meeting Room, except by prior arrangement
  • Access to the room is via the front door. You’ll be given a set of keys and an alarm fob. In the event of losing your keys and fob you’ll be charged £20 for a new set of keys and £25 for a new alarm fob. It is important that you notify us asap in the event of losing your set of keys so the alarm fob can be cancelled
  • Under certain circumstances we may at our discretion allow an additional key holder a set of keys and fob. This will supplied free of charge but and additional sets will be charged at £45. The hirer is responsible for the all the keys and fobs 
  • Users of the room should ensure that they have their own Public Liability Insurance to cover their activities in the Room
  • In the case of a genuine emergency during office hours please contact:-

    01535 602354

    Outside these hours please contact a member of staff, staff emergency contact details are displayed in the room. There may be a charge of £25 for unnecessary staff call out during out of hours.

This document is a summary of the main points of our Terms and Conditions. You are still bound by the full Terms and Conditions which were provided to the organiser at the time of hiring. A full copy of the Terms and Conditions is also provided in the Meeting Room for your reference.

Last updated December 2018